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  1. Kupacabra

    Here are my thoughts on how you could improve your server since it feels pretty dead few days after launch. 1. Remove premium buffs and make all buffs accessible for everyone. Majority of players leave right once their 2 days premium buffs access expires. 2. Fix bishops. Its complete cancer full parties roaming around with multiple bishops. And since no one feels joy while playing as bishops, and no one feels joy to PVP against other full party with bishops - maybe its better to set some bigger cooldown for heal so it would be usable in boss raiding but not so much in PVP. 3. Do
  2. Kupacabra

    How to claim prize for tyrannosaurus event? Or is it claimed automatically on points reset and where coins go?
  3. Kupacabra

    Wait a minute, I just noticed that premium buffs are not linked to premium account and instead is a separate purchase for 10 COL. Question: is it perma status for premium buffs or not?
  4. Kupacabra

    well, thats a completely shitty standard then to be honest
  5. Kupacabra

    Honestly, I thought I found a nice server with a pretty balanced donation. Then I realized you need to pay for premium buffs.. Really? This is the first server I see a nonsense like this. I come to PVP server to PVP, not to waste time while buffing with alts... Please consider removing this kind of stuff and make all buffs accessible for everyone. Like, seriously, is it not enough for other donation methods (like premium accounts which gives managable stuff, item skills, epic jews etc)? Kinda greedy stuff to make premium buffs in my opinion.
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