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Suggestions for a future

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Here are my thoughts on how you could improve your server since it feels pretty dead few days after launch.

1. Remove premium buffs and make all buffs accessible for everyone. Majority of players leave right once their 2 days premium buffs access expires.

2. Fix bishops. Its complete cancer full parties roaming around with multiple bishops. And since no one feels joy while playing as bishops, and no one feels joy to PVP against other full party with bishops - maybe its better to set some bigger cooldown for heal so it would be usable in boss raiding but not so much in PVP.

3. Donate shop offers too much (max enchants, weapon skills, top epics, top skill enchants etc etc - thats just too much...). You can see fully geared guys running on day one + top epics - thats just too much. On top of this, top epic advantage against other tiers should be lowered.

4. Lower cancellation debuff chances. Its pure cancer - almost as cancerous as bishops.


These are just my observations. And all friends I play with would agree on all of them.

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